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DStv launches VOOV’s ‘world first’ live streaming social channel
Film & Television 21st Nov 2017

DStv, VOOV’, live streaming social channel

A new channel heading to DStv aims to meld social media, live-streaming and traditional television. Dubbed #VOOVTV, the channel will let users to send self-made content to stream on the channel.
YouTube has made it harder for creators to use Patreon
Finance & Funding 2nd Oct 2017
YouTube has made it more difficult to use crowdsourced-funding platforms like Patreon with a recent out-of-the-blue update.
YouTube updates Restricted Mode to include LGBTQ content
Social Media 22nd Jun 2017

social media, YouTube LGBTQ

YouTube has taken advantage of Pride Month to update its Restricted Mode policies that back in March saw innocent LGBTQ content blocked.
South Africa: here’s how to get four free months on Google Play Music
Media 1st Jun 2017

Google Play Music

Google Play Music now offers a four-month free trial for those subscribing to its service.
Pornhub 2016 stats: how does South Africa fare? [Slightly NSFW]
Film & Television 9th Jan 2017
Adult streaming website Pornhub has enjoyed a bumper year, according to its 2016 year in review.
20 of South Africa’s biggest YouTube personalities by the numbers
Social Media 25th Nov 2016

social media, YouTube

Sure, data might be expensive and smartphones haven’t reached everyone just yet, but that hasn’t stopped South Africans from taking to video in a massive way over the past several years.
Turn your Vines into GIFs with GIPHY’s loop conversion tool
Social Media 4th Nov 2016

social media, GIPHY, Vine

Twitter might be turning its back on content creators, killing its short-loop video tool Vine, but other companies are seeing this death as an opportunity. One such company is GIPHY.
Wake up: 5 tips for networking in the modern age
Social Media 13th Oct 2016

social media, networking

Over the past 10 years, networking has changed significantly. No longer does it simply involve attending formal conferences and having lunch with prospective customers. In 2016 and beyond, modern networking takes a much more technological and progressive approach
YouTube goes social, launches a community tab for creators
Social Media 15th Sep 2016

social media, YouTube, community tab

YouTube is now going beyond being a video-sharing platform and is implementing a community tab that is meant to strengthen the bond between creators and their viewers.
TV is dead…at least as we know it
Film & Television 1st Jun 2016
Complex algorithms have, whether consumers are aware of it or not, changed the way we consume and engage with content.