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Amazon Studios Looks to Shake Up the Movie Business as it Moves Into Self-Distribution
Distribution 3rd Oct 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips, distribution, Amazon

Unlike its rival, Netflix, which debuts its films on its streaming service and largely forgoes a theatrical run, Amazon is all about releasing its offerings in cinemas.
Discop: South Africa and Kenya Eye Co-Production Treaty
Film & Television 11th Nov 2015

South Africa, DISCOP, Kenya, Co-Production Treaty

Two years after they signed an MoU at Cannes, South Africa and Kenya are looking to take their relationship a step further with a co-production treaty.
Hollywood Tries Its Hand at Virtual Reality Content
Film & Television 12th Jan 2015
Samsung and Oculus last month teamed up to deploy the first headset, Gear VR, for U.S. consumers, complete with a virtual store for games and videos.