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The 2018 Orb Media China-Hollywood Screenwriting Fellowship is open for international applications!
Opportunities 12th Dec 2017

fellowships, Orb Media, China-Hollywood Screenwriting Fellowship

This is the first cross-cultural screenwriting mentorship program to develop writers in both English and Chinese languages. Screenwriters worldwide are encouraged to submit original feature film screenplays in English or Chinese
How to Sell Your Screenplay in the Opening Pages
Screenwriting 6th Dec 2017

screenwriting, scriptwriting

How do you capture the attention and enthusiasm of the producer, development executive, manager, agent, or script reader from page one? That’s usually what it takes to get your script the recognition it needs to move up the ladder.
The Writer’s Quick and Easy Guide to Online Pitching
Screenwriting 22nd Nov 2017

screenwriting, scriptwriting, pitching

What is the most simple and easy way to pitch something to representation, executives, publishers, and production companies through email? We’re about to offer you the most uncomplicated, undemanding, and effortless way to do just that.
What Seven Hollywood Gatekeepers Love and Hate in Screenplays
Post Production 15th Nov 2017

screenwriting, scriptwriting

Imagine if screenwriters could get an early peek into the perspective of Hollywood gatekeepers — what they love, what they hate, and what they look for in screenplays.
ScreenCraft Fellowship: Accepting Feature & TV Scripts Now
Opportunities 17th Oct 2017

Screencraft, .Screencraft fellowship

The 5th annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship is now open for applications from emerging TV and film screenwriters who are seeking career mentorship and unparalleled industry access and introductions.
Screencraft's 2017 Pilot Launch Script Contest
Screenwriting 29th Aug 2017

Screencraft, Screencraft's 2017 Pilot Launch Script Contest

Screencraft's panel of Hollywood industry professionals is looking for the next great drama and comedy TV pilots for network, cable and online platforms! Accepting web series and non-traditional series pilots.
Free Screenwriting Summit - 10 Days Away!
Screenwriting 18th Aug 2017

The Script Lab, Screenwriting Virtual Summit

2 Days, 30 Speakers, Free Online Sign up before Aug 26!
Screencraft's 2017 Drama Feature Script Contest
Screenwriting 17th Jul 2017

Screencraft, 2017 Drama Feature Script Contest

Get your screenplay to Screencraft's 2017 jury, featuring some of Hollywood’s best executives, producers and managers: