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New York Film Academy

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How To Succeed As An Actor After Acting School
Acting 15th Dec 2016

acting, acting tips, acting advice

So here you go, off into the real world you go to become an actor. You just graduated, so now what? Where do you start? Like so many aspiring actors out there you want to jump right in.
How to Plan an Effective Shooting Schedule
Film & Television 27th Oct 2016

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips, shooting schedule

Given that it can quite literally make or break a production, the value of a good shooting schedule cannot be understated.
Film Production Toolbox – Apps & Gadgets Every Producer Should Own
Film & Television 16th Sep 2016

filmmaking tips, film school, indie tips, filmmaking apps

A neat aspect of the explosion of the gadget age is that it’s made producing films a lot more accessible; there is a plethora of apps and tools out there have simplified a lot of aspects to production that were once a bit of a nightmare.
Writing a Film Business Plan: What Should I Include?
Finance & Funding 15th Sep 2016

film financing, film funding, film business plan

Film business plans. Whether you’ve learned how to make one in film school or not, it’s likely that it’s an essential aspect of your production that you could be overlooking at your own risk.
Casting Director’s Checklist
Film & Television 13th Sep 2016

casting, casting director, casting tips

As with many roles within the filmmaking industry, a tried and proven method of acquiring professional work as a casting director is to prove your worth with a strong portfolio.
Auditions for the New York Film Academy in Cape Town and Johannesburg
Opportunities 24th Jul 2015

Auditions, New York Film Academy

The New York Film Academy will be holding auditions for scholarship this year in Johannesburg on the 2nd - 4th September and Cape Town on the 6th September.