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Vimeo pushes HDR and 8K in latest update
Technical 23rd Nov 2017

social media, Vimeo

8K and HDR are set to be on an exponential rise as Vimeo's latest update shows.
Can the iPhone X compete with a professional camera?
Technical 16th Nov 2017

cameras, iPhone X

Can we now, finally, lay to rest the question over mobile phone video quality? Perhaps so.
Ten ways a cinematographer sets themselves up for success — Part 2
Technical 10th Nov 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips, Cinematography

Neil Oseman completes his two part series with more invaluable tips to help ensure success in the world of cinematography.
Ten ways a cinematographer can set themselves up for success — Part 1
Technical 9th Nov 2017

filmmaking, filmmaking tips, indie tips

Success is often hard to quantify, but if you want to succeed in the world of the cinematographer, Neil Oseman is on hand to offer some guidance.
Motion capture: everything you need to know
Post Production 8th Nov 2017

editing, post production, Motion capture

Motion capture has been one of the prime enablers of modern CGI sequences within both film and video games. If you've ever wondered about the complexities of the process, Phil Rhodes reports back from a session he observed at Shepperton Studios.
The remarkable robots that are transforming filmmaking
Film & Television 28th Oct 2017

robotics, Maxima, Hydrascope, Oculus, Griptrix, Technocran

The rise of the robots. How advancements in robotic stabilisation are already advancing cinematography much more than you might realise.
RED surprises everyone with a new full-frame 8K sensor: meet Monstro 8K VV
Technical 11th Oct 2017

cameras, RED, MONSTRO 8K VV

RED extends its lead in 8K cinematography with a new, improved full frame 8K sensor
HERO6 is Officially Here and It's the Smartest, Most Powerful GoPro Yet
Technical 3rd Oct 2017

cameras, GoPro, HERO6

GoPro has now unveiled the latest in its Hero series of cameras, the Hero 6, replete with an all new custom GoPro designed processor.
Sony's new 120fps 8K broadcast camera offers a step change for live broadcasting
Technical 21st Sep 2017

cameras, Sony UHC-8300

While the primary attention has been reserved for Sony's high-powered Venice camera there's something else going on which is, technologically, at least as interesting. The UHC-8300.
The cinema camera redefined?
Technical 11th Sep 2017

cameras, Sony, Venice

Venice is the new 6K full frame CineAlta camera from Sony