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Here Are the 10 Most Influential YouTube Stars Among Adults
Social Media 28th Jul 2015

social media, YouTube, YouTube Stars

YouTube stars carry clout with adults, and increasing, more clout than traditional Hollywood stars.
Agency Arms Race Grows for Video Production
Advertising 17th Jul 2015

Advertising, video production

'Any Agency That Doesn't Have It Now Looks Vulnerable'
Four Reasons Why Brands Should Unlike Facebook's Video Ads
Social Media 3rd Jun 2015

Marketing, social media, Facebook. Facebook Video Ads

If You're Looking for Deep Engagement, Facebook Video Is Not the Place
Are Silent Movies the Future of Advertising?
Advertising 21st Apr 2015
Charlie Chaplin may be the future of advertising, at least as Chris Pape sees it.
Google, Beware: Facebook to Open Ad Exchange Powered by LiveRail
Advertising 10th Mar 2015
Social Network Is Stepping Its Fight to Rival Google's Ad-Tech Arsenal
Virtual Reality: Advertising's Next Big Thing?
Advertising 12th Feb 2015
First Movers Coca-Cola, Nissan, HBO Bet on Tech's Future for Marketing