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Google’s Chrome Browser Will Begin Blocking Flash Web Ads
Advertising 2nd Sep 2015

Advertising, Google, chrome, flash web ads

Google’s Chrome browser on Tuesday will begin blocking Internet ads that use Adobe’s Flash technology, a move that will likely prompt advertisers to abandon the video format entirely.
Twitter Users Can Now Shoot, Edit and Post 30-Second Videos
Social Media 28th Jan 2015
Twitter users will now be able to capture and share homemade videos directly on the site in what could be a game-changing feature, just as photos helped crystallize the significance of the social-media service.
New Facebook Rules Will Sting Entrepreneurs
Social Media 2nd Dec 2014
Network to Remove Unpaid Plugs in User News Feeds
Omnicom Advises Marketers to Move 10% to 25% of TV Ad Dollars To Online Video
Advertising 6th Nov 2014
As media consumption habits change, marketers are finding it increasingly challenging to figure out where to put their money – and in particular, how much money to spend on traditional media like TV versus online options.