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Should brands and publishers consider walking away from Facebook?

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Social Media 3rd Oct 2014 Memeburn

I’ve been debating this topic with my colleagues for quite some time now, and while at first the thought of leaving behind the social media mammoth that is Facebook seemed like a crazy idea, I‘ve come to the realisation that it’s time for brands and publishers to ditch the platform. Here’s why.

Renting vs owning

If you’re using Facebook as a major marketing and Social Media tool for your brand or site, the harsh reality is that you‘re really just renting the space from Mark Zuckerberg. You own nothing. Your brand’s Facebook page is subjected to constant design and algorithm changes, some of which have resulted in organic reach dropping to an all time low.

Ultimately you have no control over the space, and it could even be argued that you are actually just helping Facebook get bigger while growing your own brand’s presence.

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