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Grants of up to $75K available from the Filmmaker Fund

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Finance & Funding 5th Dec 2016 The Filmmaker Fund

To be selected as a project of the Filmmaker Fund is to have a partner in the entirety of the journey.  That includes grants of up to $75K as well as an invitation to their annual retreat, festival navigation and distribution strategy. 

In the spirit of fostering great work, the Filmmaker Fund is committed to both proven and emerging filmmakers with assistance at every stage of production and post-production.  Primarily, our role is to remove the obstacles that lie in the way of great work.  From early stage funding, through production to the last edit, it is our aim to alleviate artistic encumbrances.

Deadline: Rolling (submit at beginning of each month, decisions made at the end of each month)

Read the full article at The Filmmaker Fund


Owino Sang'iewa commented
11th Mar 2016
page does not exist???!!
14th Mar 2016
Thanks for letting us know. The link has been corrected and is now working. Sorry for the inconvenience.