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Top 10 Tips to Convince Businesses to Outsource Freelance Work to You

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Media 20th Apr 2016 FreelanceWriting.com

Companies outsource anything and everything, from customer service, telecommunications, transcription services, graphic design, and especially writing and copywriting.

A proven way to convince a business client to outsource work to you is to focus on improving profit and productivity. Show the owner how your writing services can increase his or her company's profits and improve productivity by hiring you for a series of projects. Customer service is as important; that requires communicating promptly, answering all questions thoroughly, and delivering exceptional work on time.

Follow these 10 insightful tips to increase the chances of businesses outsourcing work to you.

Tip #1: Show that you understand the business. Any client would appreciate talking to a writer who appears to know his or her business and the industry in which it serves. Familiarize yourself with the client's business and the industry. You may also want to research recent jobs that the business might have posted to determine the type and scope of work.

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