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The 5 habits of highly successful filmmakers

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Film Festivals & Awards 5th Dec 2016 Raindance Film Festival

There's lots of advice out there for screenwriters and independent filmmakers. Film schools the world over are chipping in too.The question is - which of it is of any use? Who do you trust?

What does it take to become a good filmmaker or screenwriter with good marketing savvy? How can you invest into yourself to become the sort of filmmaker that your peers look up to and seek you out for advice?  Here's the dirty little secret: It all starts before you touch a camera or keyboard.

These habits will work for you in every situation you find yourself in: crewing on a big budget film or self shooting your own movie.

1. Read the trades

If you want to create work that resonates with your audience you need to know what is going on in your industry. It's not good enough to read, you need to pore, scour, scrutinise and search for news and trends in the film industry. 

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