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South African launches first humanitarian media journal

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Media 13th Jun 2016 Media Source Africa

Perspective Publications, a South African company, has launched the first in a global series of quarterly journals covering humanitarian-related news on issues impacting the continent of Africa.

Perspective: Africa includes content by renowned writers and photojournalists, as well as previously non-published writers, to expand the interest base in humanitarian media. Content includes essays, photojournalism, art, interviews with thought leaders, cultural reviews and vox populi on a diverse range of subjects, including civil and human rights, economic, social, and environmental issues.

“For too long, the world has only seen the ‘dark side’ of Africa. 
Perspective: Africaaims to present a more holistic and balanced view of the wide diversity of an often overlooked continent,” said Executive Editor, Leigh Barrett.
Barrett, a South African journalist whose media experience includes television production, newspaper columnist, and radio production and presentation in South Africa and America, has also worked with New York-based journal, MIPJ: Media, Information, International Relations, and Humanitarian Affairs as an editor, contributor, and producer/host of the critically-acclaimed MIPJ Podcasts. “Perspective: Africa’s goal is to dispatch sacred cows to the outer limits by presenting well-researched arguments which might serve to change long-held beliefs, such as issues facing homosexuals in Africa, female genital mutilation, and the all-important cost of education. We welcome feedback and constructive debate,” says Barrett.

Perspective: Africa is a multimedia endeavor, with a print and digital journal, and with audio podcasts being introduced in 2016. Print content is currently distributed by Ingram, the world’s largest and most trusted distributor of content, with over 39,000 retailers, eRetailers, libraries, educational institutions and other distribution partners, via its partnership with MIPJ, and digital editions are available across all global Amazon.comsites. Later in 2016, the second edition, Perspective: Europe and Middle East will be launched, and submissions for content are being accepted now, with guidelines posted on the website.

One goal of Perspective Publications is to provide a platform for all voices, and Barrett welcomes non-professional writers and photographers, with every effort made to assist budding journalists in getting their work published.

Perspective: Africa, humanitarian-related news

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Perspective: Africa - the humanitarian media journal is now available in South African Rands (and other currencies)

Perspective: Africa - the humanitarian media journal is now available in South African Rands (and other currencies)

A large part of Perspective Publication's mission is to raise awareness of Africa, and that includes making the Journal accessible to all. That's why we keep it informative, interesting, AND easy to read, no matter where you are in the world.

2nd Nov 2016


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