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Perspective-Call for content

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Media 29th Jun 2016 Media Source Africa

Perspective Publications continues to expand our stable of quarterly journals and we are pleased to announce the launch of PERSPECTIVE: EUROPE & MIDDLE EAST, which joins PERSPECTIVE: AFRICA in covering humanitarian-related issues.

We welcome content from journalists, artisan writers, photojournalists, authors, and reviewers which reflects the diversity and issues of the region. Content can include op-eds, academic research, long-form journalism, personal accounts, photo essays, cultural reviews, and multimedia. Interviews are gladly accepted. We also promote student journalists and photojournalists looking to have their work published, and encourage ethical reporting standards.
Audio files are warmly welcomed and may be used in the journals, as well as the forthcoming podcasts. Please include a transcript, unless prior arrangements with the Editor have been made.

As with Perspective: Africa, the quarterly journals will be available in high quality print as well as digital formats and sold on Amazon sites globally, with subscriptions available. We will also make a PDF format available for sale on the Perspective Publications website.

Free advertising space is provided for organizations submitting content, and discounted advertising rates are available. One free advertorial block is set aside for non-profit, community outreach programs, on request.

Deadline for inclusion in PERSPECTIVE: EUROPE & MIDDLE EAST is July 15, 2016.
Deadline for inclusion in PERSPECTIVE: AFRICA is August 1, 2016.

Guidelines for submission can be found on the website at http://perspective-publications.com/
Please contact the Editor at editor@perspective-publications.org

Perspective Publications is a partner of, and distributed by, MIPJ: Media, Information, International Relations, and Humanitarian Issues Journal.

Perspective, Call for content


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