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The Writers’ Guild of South Africa has elected the council for 2016/2017

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Media 30th Jun 2016 Media Source Africa

The Writers’ Guild of South Africa held its Annual General Meeting on 16 April 2016 where its members elected the council for 2016/2017. 

At the first official council meeting on 20 April, the elected council members assigned the various portfolios.  In 2012 the WGSA adopted an internal policy to assign the position of chair and co-vice chairs to those who gained the most votes from the membership with the exception of the portfolio for Legal Services and Treasurer; these are reserved for elected officials with specific knowledge of legal matters and finances.  However the conditions of the WGSA Constitution as adopted in 2014 still need to be applied.  In line with the stipulations within the Constitution, council may also co-opt additional people and form sub-committees to fulfil the need.
The WGSA is therefore proud to announce its 2016/2017 council:
Sihle Hlophe – Johannesburg
Co-Vice Chair – Treasurer and Capacity Building:
Ritesh Seecharan – Johannesburg
Co-Vice Chair – Professional Development:
Matthew Kalil – Cape Town
Co-Vice Chair- Communications, Relations, Branding:
Mamokuena Makhema – Johannesburg
Co-Vice Chair – Legal Services:
Anirood Singh – Johannesburg
Subcommittee for Legal Services:
Peter Michael Goldsmid
Richard Harry Nosworthy
Mumtaaz Mohamed-Peerbhay – Cape Town
Polani Fourie – Cape Town
Benedikt Sebastian – Cape Town
Professional Development - Regional Manager –Johannesburg
Godisamang Khunou

Subcommittee for JHB:
Christopher Tifflin
Keitumetse Qhali

Professional Development - Regional Manager –Pretoria
Stanley Bhebhe

Subcommittee for PTA:
Allan Spijikers
Sylvia Malatji
Co-opted to Council
Professional Development - Regional Manager – Cape Town
Clea Mallinson

Subcommittee for CT:
Lukhanyo Sikwebu
Refilwe Mathapelo Mofokeng
Co-opted to Council
Professional Development - Regional Manager – Soweto
Yolanda Mogatusi

Subcommittee for Soweto:
Siphiwe Mbata
Nhlanhla Zitha
There were no candidates standing in Durban and the WGSA would like to call upon volunteers in Durban to assist in setting up a Professional Development Subcommittee for Durban.  Interested parties may contact our offices.
The WGSA is also in need of volunteers who wish to assist with the fundraising and with Professional Development in Cape Town and Johannesburg
For more information on council members, please visit our website:  http://writersguildsa.org/council-2016-2017/

Writers’ Guild of South Africa, WGSA


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