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TLC is looking for its Next Great Presenter and it could be you.

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Opportunities 27th Jul 2016 TLC Next Great Presenter

Create a short audition video & you could be presenting a four-part television series on the TLC channel.

The channel's on a mission to find a presenter for a new four part series called TLC's Most Extreme, which will air in early 2017.

As the name suggests, the series will feature clips of the most extreme, gripping and outrageous moments in TLC's history.

Go to http://tlcnextgreatpresenter.dstv.com/how-it-works 

Select one of the scripts

Create a 90 second audition video using the script you selected on the website.

Submit your audition
When you've submitted your entry they will review your audition and contact you once it’s accepted.

Semi-finalists will be notified by TLC in August 2016. In September it's off to bootcamp where the Top 12 will battle it out before our panel of expert judges. It's then up to the public to vote as our Top 3 campaign to become TLC's Next Great Presenter.

You must be 18 +
Be available to travel
Must speak english
Have no criminal record
Be a TLC fan!

NOTE: If you have any issues with submitting your audition, please mail them on : auditions@nextgreatpresenter.com

Read the full article at TLC Next Great Presenter

TLC Next Great Presenter


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