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South African auditions for the International Talent Showcase Miami

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Opportunities 30th Sep 2016 DMH Model Agency

DMH Talent Agency will be hosting auditions throughout South Africa in OCTOBER for ITS 2017!

The International Talent Showcase Miami Auditions


ITS- Miami is a six day talent convention hosted annually in Miami.

This is an opportunity for all artists- Models, Actors, Singers and Dancers to take their talent international.


Throughout the six days, talent will perform at an international level and be placed in front of the top names in the entertainment industry.

You will have a chance to meet, get feedback and possibly be scouted by international and world renowned talent scouts, record labels, casting agents, managers, and the best representatives of modeling agencies.


On the final day of the convention, there are callbacks. These callbacks indicate interest from that representative. You will then have an opportunity to meet with them, discuss a future, set goals and possibly sign to them or the agency, label, manager you feel will be the best fit.  


The International Talent Showcase will take your direction in the entertainment industry to the next level but may just be your break into an international market.


You will have access to hundreds of agents from around the globe and in order to truly utilise this opportunity, training is done prior to attending the convention. Industry professionals are brought in to work with you and best prepare you for this event.


While nothing in this industry can ever be guareanteed, DMH Talent Agency is proud to announce our 100% success rate recieved at the ITS 2016 Summer Convention.

We cannot say that will be our fortune every year, however, training and preparation is key to making your time at the convention valuable.


ITS provides an experience that is irreplaceable and allows your international dream to become a reality, in a safe environment and all in one place.


DMH Talent Agency will be hosting auditions throughout South Africa in OCTOBER for ITS 2017!

We will be in the following cities:


  • Cape Town,

  • Durban

  • Johannesburg

  • East London

  • Port Elizabeth

  • Bloemfontein

  • Pietermaritzburg




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