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Call for proposals: Infecting the City 2017

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Opportunities 3rd Oct 2016 Arts and Culture Trust

The Africa Centre and the Institute of Creative Arts, are calling for artwork proposals or Infecting the City Public Art Sessions 2017. These Sessions, a series of public art events, will unfold on the streets and various other public spaces in the Central Business District of Cape Town.

The Sessions provide an unusual opportunity for visual art, music, dance and performance to leave the confines of theatres and galleries to engage with or disrupt Cape Town’s daily movements. The Sessions’ programme challenge audiences, shifts perspectives and help to make sense of the public spaces we occupy.

The Sessions are structured as two-day events on the first and last Friday and Saturday of March and April 2017.

We are seeking artwork in two categories: New Works and Restaged Works. Visual, performing artists and practitioners from other disciplines are invited to submit. The work can be a full ensemble piece, intervention, installation, video, totally interactive or some other form newly imagined. All works should translate to or work within a public environment and actively engage intentional and incidental audiences alike. The deadline for artwork proposals is 15 October 2016.

Please watch the Facebook page for more announcements.

Read the full article at Arts and Culture Trust

Infecting the City


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