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Women filmmakers: up to $35,000 in grant funding available for you

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Opportunities 10th Oct 2016 Chicken & Egg Pictures

Ten first and second-time women documentary filmmakers will each receive up to $35,000 in grant funding for the production of their feature-length film, to be developed over the course of this 12-month program. 



The Accelerator Lab is focused on identifying and supporting women non-fiction directors who are first and second-time filmmakers. This program brings together ten projects helmed by first or second-time directors, with a special focus on underrepresented voices.

Each participant will receive a two-part grant for the production of a film, to be developed over the course of a 12-month program. All ten participants will come together at various points over the course of a year for an intensive period of mentorship and workshops with industry experts, creatively fusing the art and craft of filmmaking with best practices and peer-to-peer support.


  • Funding & Mentorship: Chicken & Egg Pictures has an established model of providing strategic funding and mentorship in ways that maximize that support. The Accelerator Lab will ratchet up this successful model, helping filmmakers meet their goals faster and with more intensive support.
  • Retreats: Mentorship will be focused in three intensive retreats held during the program that grantees will be required to attend. Mentorship will be aimed at helping grantees to make strides as artists, technicians, storytellers, and movement builders; giving deep, direct insight on grantees’ individual projects to release the most successful film possible; and providing grantees with the tools to parlay all of that growth and experience into a sustainable career.
  • Industry Meetings: One of the retreats will coincide with public film festivals or markets where grantees will have the opportunity to build industry connections and receive precursory visibility, as participants in special forum sidebars.
  • Peer Support: Participants will benefit from the knowledge and experiences of their peers as part of a vibrant community of shared ideas and mutual support.


  • Project Type, Length, and Production Status: This current round is geared only toward nonfiction feature length films. Projects must be currently in development or up to mid-production, with no more than 40% of their footage shot by the date of application. Projects must be aiming toward feature length films. (See FAQ for details on length requirements.)
  • Subject Matter: We’re passionate about films that address the global justice, human rights, and environmental issues of our time. While we prioritize films that focus on social issues, having a social issue in the film is not explicitly required.
  • Not accepted: We do not support fiction films, student projects, or any projects not directed or co-directed by a woman. (Transgender*/non gender-conforming individuals are accepted). Additionally, the Accelerator Lab does not accept short films, transmedia projects, or engagement/outreach campaigns.
  • International Applications: International filmmakers are encouraged to apply. Please note that if you are offered a grant, you must arrange to be represented by a U.S. 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor that supports international filmmakers.


Applications will be accepted beginning Monday, October 11, 2016.

There is one deadline for the 2016 Open Call: Wednesday, November 9, 2016, 5:00 PM EST. The application fee is $35.

All applicants will be notified by April 2017. The first workshop will take place shortly after applicants have been notified in April 2017.

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