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The 9-Step Guide to Film Fest Success

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Film Festivals & Awards 20th Oct 2016 backstage

Truth be told, I’m a creature of habit and a rabid homebody. Traveling to a place I know is no problem for me—I relish it. That said, I’ve always had a horrible sense of direction, so going somewhere I don’t know, alone, has always vexed me. Here’s a cautionary tale about travel and film fests.

I arrived at the Toronto Film Festival a couple of weeks ago and didn’t think to investigate whether my cellphone would work there. Stupid move No. 1. After I landed and tried to call to arrange my transportation, I got the alarming message that I would be billed for roaming charges and the pricing would not be friendly. I immediately called my phone company and changed my cellular package.

I then went for two whole days without my smartphone being even remotely smart. It wouldn’t connect to Wi-Fi, and I couldn’t retrieve my emails or use the GPS (not good for a directionally challenged person). I finally realized I had to add to my data plan so that I would get coverage. Dumb and dumber.

Wi-Fi can be hard to find; I was kind of amazed that most of the theaters did not have it. I became a Wi-Fi ninja.

Even though you have a ticket, show up early (at least 30–45 minutes before) and be prepared to stand in line. Some lines wrapped around the block. You’ll find some very interesting conversations with your line buddies.

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