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How to write a press release for your film

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Distribution 1st Nov 2016 Raindance Film Festival

Being able to correctly format a press release will not only show your competence in public relations, but it will also make your release look much more legitimate. As a result, the event or news story you wish to promote is less likely to be ignored by the journalist.

  1. You should first start off by typing the name, address and phone number of your company at the top left hand corner of the page as if you were addressing a letter. Once this is completed skip a line and enter your contact information or your publicist’s information (provided you have a publicist). In the event that you do not have a company name then your name will suffice. Obviously you would not put down your name twice; once as your company name and the other as your contact name. Below is an example of what this heading should look like (a full example of a finished press release is presented at the bottom of this article.) *If you really want your press release to stand out you should consider putting your company or personal logo in the upper right hand corner of the document.*
  1. Sometimes you need to have your “news” released immediately. Other times you might want to give the journalist a heads up to an upcoming event. If your intentions are the latter then make sure you specify a date of when your story can be released to the public. If you forget or neglect to do this don’t be surprised if you find yourself watching your story on the evening news that very night! Any news that you would like to have released to the public immediately should have a “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” on the second line below your contact information. Below I have provided you with the correct format in this step:


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