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Final Cut Pro X Gets Full Redesign for 10.3

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Post Production 2nd Nov 2016 No Film School

While many users have moved over to Avid and Premiere, Final Cut keeps on developing.

Alongside the release of the new MacBook Pro last week, Apple also unveiled Final Cut Pro 10.3.  While there are a few key software details that are clearly intended to work seamlessly with new features on the MBP, this release is much more than that. It offers a complete redesign of the user interface, powerful new audio organization tools, the integration of wide gamut workflows, and many more features that will likely make some filmmakers reconsider an app many left behind.

Of course, the feature demonstrated on stage last week is the first many noticed, with strong integration between the touch bar and the newest version of Final Cut being one of the ways Apple promoted the new keyboard interface screen. With the ability to zoom and navigate your timeline, dynamically change your palettes, and otherwise interact more closely with your footage, Apple is clearly hoping you'll consider giving FCP X a shot with the purchase of your MBP. However, Adobe was also on stage, previewing new features for Photoshop, so we can assume Premiere will have smart integration, and Resolve is apparently already working on putting the Touchbar to good use, as well. Therefore, while the touchscreen integration is exciting, it alone isn't necessarily enough to get users who walked away from Final Cut after 7 to consider coming back.

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