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How screenwriters make money: 5 tried and tested ways

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Screenwriting 8th Nov 2016 Raindance Film Festival

Often screenwriters have the idea that they can win a lottery by selling their script to Hollywood. But how much money do you really think you could make by selling your script to Hollywood? Do you actually think your chances of winning the lottery are anywhere near as good as selling your scipt to Hollywood?

Reality Check

Firstly, only the very top screenwriters get money up front. If you sell your script to an American company for a six-figure sum it will be broken into many stages depending on the box office returns. These contracts are written by entertainment lawyers who will tighten you up to the point where it becomes very diffiicult to secure payment past the first deposit.

Have a look at the writers contracts, called Schedule of Minimums  in use with the Writers' Guild Of America. This is the basis upon which film industry contracts are negotiated.

How Screenwriters Make Money: Five Tried and Tested Ways

1. Write a micro budget film and get it made

This is the tried and tested Raindance way. Write a limited location story using as few actors as possible. Raise a bit of money and make it. Market the film by using film festivals.

You are unlikely to make much money as a writer, but if the film is well-made and presented properly to the industry, then you have a really good chance of getting a look-see with your next script (and more money!).

2. Write for a website

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