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8 Tips for Freelance Video Editors Dealing With the Business Side of Post-Production

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Post Production 1st Dec 2016 Fstoppers

Lots of skilled videos editors have started to see the value in being hired for contract work. It’s a great supplement to other income, you can be picky about projects, and most of us enjoy the work. But what about negotiating rates, estimating time, and dealing with files after the job? Here are some tips for the business-side of being a freelance video editor.

Everyone’s situation will be a bit different, but I hope that some of the methods and reasoning I offer might help you the next time you’re in talks with a client, either before or after you’re hired to do an edit.

1. Establish billing, time, and delivery expectations before accepting any job.

A contract should be your go-to, which would include details about pay rate, when you will be expected to deliver material, etc. Hopefully you won't need this for any legal battles down the road, but its real purpose is to serve as a reference of responsibilities and expectations, to avoid any issues as work progresses. For new clients it’s an absolute must.

Some questions you should address might include:

  • Are you going to bill by the hour, the day, or have a project fee? What is that rate?
  • What is the limit on time if working by the hour?
  • When is the deadline for the first rough cut?
  • How are you going to deliver preview cuts?
  • How many changes or rounds of revisions are acceptable?
  • Are they providing music, or a budget to license some?
  • Do you plan to invoice before the job is completed? (for the work done up to that point)
  • Do they plan to use a review system like Wipster or Frame.io?
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