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The Simplest Tool for Fast, Fun Screenwriting

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Screenwriting 7th Dec 2016 Screencraft

Before firing up the screenwriting software and facing that blank page, there’s a lot of planning, plotting, and story engineering that takes place — for good reason. The “pre-writing” or “story-breaking” part of writing a screenplay is vital. But wrangling all of those initial ideas can feel overwhelming.

There’s one tool that’s arguably helped more screenwriters through their story development process than any other. It’s been used for years and is still used to this day, by scores of amateurs and professionals alike. What is it?


That’s right. Notecards. They’re tactile, which helps tap into a different part of your creativity than typing into a document, one that feels more like playing than working. They’re non-linear, making it easy to move and shuffle them as much as needed. Plus they come in different colors, which is great for visualizing story.

Notecards are a flexible tool that you can make your own. No two writers likely use them in exactly the same way, and even from project to project there can be variation based on a particular project’s needs. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started:


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