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Tips for financing your film from Women at Sundance

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Finance & Funding 9th Dec 2016 Vimeo

To help filmmakers navigate the oh-so-complex world of funding, Women at Sundance hosted one of their many intensive sessions on financing and strategizing. The panel, just one piece of the day’s activities, brought together a handful of companies likewise committed to female filmmakers (Vimeo included!) to share their advice. In hopes that their words of wisdom reach the eyes of as many aspiring creators as possible, we’ve summed up the most money questions and answers from the panel. 

At what stage should you pitch your project — and what’s the best way to pitch it?

“Vimeo isn’t ad-supported, which means your creative vision is crucial. We don’t give notes, so the control is in the creator’s hands,” our programming pioneer Laura Turner Garrison explained. She recommended providing potential investors with a video example, a teaser, trailer, or proof of concept to accompany the script. The video itself, she said, even more so than a script, can clearly establish a filmmaker’s visual style, their capabilities, and a well-defined direction. If you have a finished piece, or the makings of one, share it. Show investors exactly what they’ll be investing in.

If you can’t shoot prior to pitching, have a strong (and typo-free!) one-page or treatment that succinctly conveys what the project is, who it’s for, and why it matters.

“Every 10-year-old has a camera now,” said another panelist. That is, the world is over-saturated with ideas for films and series these days. It’s crucial, then, that your pitch explain exactly what differentiates your work from everyone else’s. If you tell investors this, they’ll know yours is a story that needs to be told — and you’re the filmmaker with the chops to do it.

What do businesses look for before investing?

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