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Bureau of Creative Works Short Film Grant

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Opportunities 13th Dec 2016 Bureau of Creative Works

Each year, The BUREAU provides 12 filmmakers with a grant to produce an original, low-budget short film, these films premiere to an engaged and highly invested audience of film-enthusiasts.

Our goals are simple, discover and support talented filmmakers, and spark a conversation around the importance of short films.

          — Bureau Project Director, Erica Hampton

Those selected join a diverse team of award-winning independent filmmakers, collectively elevating each other's work and contributing to the future of truly independent film. 


Selected filmmakers receive a one-time budget to produce an original short film.

This money is not meant to go towards existing projects that already have financial momentum, i.e The BUREAU is not a finishing fund — this is meant to be a fun, quick, exciting endeavor - an excuse to pull friends together, get out the camera equipment, and make something beautiful. In the process we will be shifting audiences value-perception of short films and the people who make them.


If selected, we will contact you and discuss your idea, start a timeline for deliverables, and wrap up. That’s it. We don’t green light your ideas, we don’t “give notes”, we don’t meddle in your creative process. We’re supporting you as a talented filmmaker, and really we just want to see what you’ll do next.


The application process takes about 15-30 minutes. Submissions can be saved and re-edited at a later time (submission drafts are saved for around 20 days). 

Unfortunately, due to the amount of submissions, we cannot provide individual feedback.

You will be contacted within 4-6 weeks after the submission window closes. At that time, if selected, you must be prepared to have your original short film shot and delivered to The BUREAU within the following 6-8 weeks. 

If, after reading the overview above, you still have questions, please contact: theteam@bureauofcreative.works


  • You must have past work establishing your story-telling style and abilities.
  • You must be comfortable creating something beautiful on a shoestring budget. 
  • Your short film cannot yet be in production. We welcome full scripts or simple ideas, but this is not a finishing grant. 
  • We do not support music videos.
  • International projects are encouraged, but all final projects must be subtitled (captioned) and suitable for an American audience.
  • Student films not eligible. Dropouts welcome.
  • Submitted projects must be short-film length, narrative or documentary, with an intended runtime of at least 3 minutes and no longer than 30 min.
  • Applicants must be over 18 years old. 

Deadline: February 6, 2017.

Featured Short Film below

Read the full article at Bureau of Creative Works

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