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Writing A Treatment, Crafting A Synopsis For Screenwriters

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Screenwriting 15th Dec 2016 Raindance Film Festival

A treatment can be a useful document to have, whether you’re looking to use it as a roadmap of your story before writing or as a way to build interest in a spec script.

Unfortunately there’s rarely any specific agreement on how to lay out a treatment for industry consumption. Worse, many mix up “treatment” and “synopsis”, essentially using them interchangeably.

If you’re looking to put together a treatment, or a synopsis, here’s a few simple details to help you put the document together, based on my experiences as a reader at Raindance. The guidance below works for either type of document.

Synopsis or Treatment?

There’s a simple rule of thumb here. For a synopsis, try to stay to one page. For a treatment, shorter is always better. Aim for a maximum of five pages, ten if you must. Don’t go over ten pages though.

  • Synopsis: 1 page
  • Treatment: 5 pages. 10 pages maximum

General Formatting

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