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Beware. Latest Scam

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Acting 15th Dec 2016 Media Source Africa

It has been brought to our attention that the Jockey name is being unlawfully used, by someone calling themselves Think Media, to attract models for a photoshoot.

As an internationally renowned brand, at the forefront of fashion, we have made it our policy to follow strict processes when it comes to sourcing, hiring, and shooting our top caliber models. Jockey will only work with reputable, NAMA accredited modeling agencies to source their models, and will never co-ordinate a casting call without consulting with their approved agencies beforehand.

We currently do not have any photoshoots planned for the coming months. If you are contacted or see any advertising in regards to this, or should you wish to contact us about any upcoming castings you may have heard about please email us on jockey@jockey.co.za


Jockey. scam


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