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Screenwriting 9th Jan 2017 Ink Tip

There's one amazing fact that I can almost guarantee: if every single producer in the world read your screenplay, your screenplay would get produced. 

I'm not kidding.  If you knew how to market your script to get every producer to not just listen to a pitch, but to actually read your script, that same script would get produced.  It’s important to know that your job as a screenwriter is not just writing, but also marketing.

You can sit there with your tablet, desktop, or laptop and naysay, but I stand by that statement; I've seen way too may statistics to justify my opinion (far more statistics than even most studio execs).  By no means am I saying that John Doe can throw some words on a page, and call it script, but provided you have a coherent story, following the rules of screenwriting, there is someone out there waiting for you, and waiting to produce what you've written.

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