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Pornhub 2016 stats: how does South Africa fare? [Slightly NSFW]

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Film & Television 9th Jan 2017 Memeburn

Adult streaming website Pornhub has enjoyed a bumper year, according to its 2016 year in review.

The network revealed that it used 3100 petabytes of bandwidth last year, equivalent to 99GB per second or six terabytes a minute. It said that this data would fill 194 million USB flash drives and, if laid end-to-end, would be 11 000 kilometres long.

Pornhub also revealed that users watched almost 4.6 billion hours of porn — or 524 641 years.

As for the top nations by traffic, South Africa managed to climb four positions since 2015 to land at number 20 for the first time. Otherwise, the USA, UK, Canada and India rounded out the top five.

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