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Applications for the 2017 IFP Filmmaker Labs & Screen Forward Labs are now open!

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Opportunities 13th Jan 2017 independent filmmaker project

About the IFP Filmmaker Labs

Click here to apply to the Narrative Lab.
Click here to apply to the Documentary Lab.

Application Deadline: Friday, March 3rd

The IFP Filmmaker Labs ensure that talented, emerging voices receive the support, resources, and industry exposure necessary to complete, market and distribute their first feature. Focusing exclusively on low-budget features (<$1million), this highly immersive program provides filmmakers with the technical, creative and strategic tools necessary to launch their films – and their careers.

Open to all first-time feature documentary and narrative directors with films in post-production. For more information on the Filmmaker Labs, please visit the Filmmaker Labs homepage.

About the IFP Screen Forward Labs

Click here to apply to the Screen Forward Labs.

Application Deadline: Friday, March 3rd

The IFP Screen Forward Labs are a year-long program and incubator for the creators of narrative-driven, serialized projects that push storytelling forward. A weeklong intensive Lab provides participants with the knowledge, resources, and mentor support necessary for developing pitches, securing financing, and finding unique avenues for the distribution of their groundbreaking work.

Open to series creators with projects that have at minimum a visual sample (completed episode, demo, excerpt) completed. For more information on the Screen Forward Labs, please see the Screen Forward Labs homepage.


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IFP Filmmaker Labs, IFP Screen Forward Labs


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