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Film & Television 16th Jan 2017 Media Source Africa

Join the ever-growing band of Indie Style Filmmakers through IndieLots hands on filmmaking course.



The visual art form is the most dominant as the twenty-first century forges ahead. The most powerful of these is digital film, where the auteur is no longer bound to the movie house or the constraints of a DVD player. The Internet and aggressive mobile technology is paving the way for the aspirant visual storyteller, and none so more as the Indie Filmmaker. Rob Gray, founder of CityVarsity, has seen a gap in the film training industry: to give a more affordable opportunity to the aspiring filmmaker, as he did many years ago when he founded the CityVarsity. Besides the course content, Rob is aware of two major factors; cost to the learner and the importance of transferring fundamental skills where shortages are evident within the larger film industry. 

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Students hit the ground running, and are immersed in the filmmaking process - not for the feint-hearted! A carefully plotted roadmap is followed ensuring that key milestones are reached. A mostly hands-on approach reinforces the words of Sophocles who said

“One learns by doing a thing; for though you think you know it, you have no certainty until you try” What you are really doing is embarking on a storytelling journey, discovering creative and intuitive ways of reaching the main goal, and that is to produce a short indie film, which you will proudly present to your peers, the film industry and submit to specialist film markets. This is achievable by diligently following the program, and to work in collaboration with your fellow students.

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Workflow changes from movie to movie, but essentially all repeat the same key skill sets from script to screen. These basic workflows are the backbone of digital film production, where no longer is “what you see, is what you get” The Director Of Photography (DOP) creates pictures with exact exposures for grading, which needs further processing by the Digital Intermediary Technician (DIT). Completing the process is Sound, Lighting, Grips, Chroma Key, Post Production and more. Students learn to us these skills economically, efficiently and most of all – creatively.

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IndieLot can help students who have successfully completed the program through our collaborative after study program. The more business minded students would be able to make informed decisions should they enter the exacting world of producing and distribution. IndieLot will help kick-start productions through attractive joint ventures, introductions, affordable facility acquisition & hire, consultation and assisting in the job finding process. This will be explained in more detail at the presentation, normally held on a Saturday to accommodate students and parents.


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Course Faciltator: Rob Gray




Make this your most exciting year while learning to make low budget indie films with like-minded people - your future friends and collaborators.


“Well done is better than well said” ----Benjamin Franklin



Neil Frye neil@indielot.co.za

+ 27(0)72 075 3978


Siobhan Gray siobhan@indielot.co.za

+27(0)78 803 1999


Website: www.indielot.co.za 

Facebook: Indie Lot Studios 

IndieLot, filmmaking course.


STYLEbudd commented
16th Jan 2017
Good Day Where will this course be held?