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Are You the Future of Photography? broncolor Has an Exciting Offer!

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Opportunities 23rd Jan 2017 Cine Photo Tools

Would you like to be the first South African broncolor Gen NEXT ambassador?
Well now is your chance!

broncolor is looking for the 'trailblazers and the visionaries' among the next generation of talented young photographers. You could win a broncolor sponsorship and get equipped with all their latest gear. 

If you are a young and talented photographer under 30 years of age seeking to push your career to the next level, enter the broncolor Gen NEXT contest and stand the chance to win a broncolor sponsorship.

The contest is open for submission until March 6th, 2017 

All you need to do is click on the link below, fill out the application, and once you receive your confirmation email with your Gen NEXT account information, upload three examples of your work. 

Read the full article at Cine Photo Tools

broncolor contest


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