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Indiespotlight call out 2017/2018

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Acting 23rd Jan 2017 Arts and Culture Trust

The South African State Theatre (SAST) is calling for cutting edge theatre works to be part of the Indiespotlight 2017/2018 Programme.

Artists and production companies that are bold and want to create work that will open dialogue and speak to South Africans are invited to submit their proposals considering the following genres as the focus of the above-mentioned programme:

  • Children’s Theatre productions
  • Relevant school set works
  • Dance production
  • Contemporary South African Story

Successful productions will be allocated a budget between R50,000 and R75,000 plus door takings split of 60% for the Production Company/artists and 40% for The South African State Theatre.

Candidates are required to submit the following as part of their proposals:

  • Full script and a brief synopsis of the production.
  • A motivation of how the production is relevant, entertaining, cutting edge, inspiring, etc.
  • Company/Creative team information e.g., biographies, contact details, etc.
  • Four-page narrative treatment (if there is no script or if it will be a dance/workshopped production).
  • For set works, no script is required, only synopsis and a four-page narrative treatment is required with a clear execution plan.

All proposals to be submitted to eyct@statetheatre.co.za and must reach the South African State Theatre by no later than the 10 February 2017.

Read the full article at Arts and Culture Trust

South African State Theatre. Indiespotlight


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