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Arcade Content seizes the day for Standard Bank

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Film & Television 3rd Apr 2017 Media Source Africa

Arcade Content produced Make One Day #Today, Native VML’s new campaign for Standard Bank, featuring brand films by Kyle Lewis, Lebogang Rasethaba and new signing Zandi Tisani. 

Conceptualised by Native VML, the campaign aims to inspire South Africans to publicly commit to making their dreams a reality today, rather than one day, later, just now or now now.




Kyle Lewis brings his distinctive visuals to the launch film, which features the likes of creative collective I See A Different You, broadcast personality Kede Mkhabela and publicist Melanie Ramjee.




Lebogang Rasethaba’s short documentary features Dear Ribane and MyCityByNight’s Craig Stack discussing the projects they’ve pledged to stop procrastinating over; while Zandi Tisani’s two films pair Moonchild Sanelly with The Sartists and Mashayabhuqe Kamaba with Rasethaba respectively.




“The work is looking ridiculously cool and the spirit in which the shoot ran really was amazing,” said Native VML’s Michelle Kreuiter. “It’s particularly impressive to run three shoots at the same time and end up with this level of calmness on set and quality in the lens.”


Make your commitment today at makeoneday.today.




What Facebook is saying: 


“I am very proud to be a part of this phenomenal initiative! Why do we procrastinate on the dreams we hold so dear and secret??! It is ridiculous! Well, this stunning army of initiators and myself are going to get you to #MAKEONEDAYTODAY.” Moonchild Sanelly


“Yay Kyle Lewis, this is so good! <3 And wonderful to see all these faces. So much creative power in these guys.” Elsa Bleda


“Catch our main man Craig Stack feature in this insane new Standard Bank campaign. We're all about turning silence into SOUND... Music to MAGIC. What are you wanting to do? What are you waiting for? What about #TODAY?” MyCityByNight


“One of the coolest ads I’ve seen in a while.” Kelly Jepson


“Incredibly proud to announce a collaboration with myself and the most talented group of South African creatives, powered by Standard Bank! Don't put your life on hold. Watch the video. MAKE ONE DAY, #TODAY” Sibu Mpanza


Arcade Content, Kyle Lewis

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