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Beginner's Guide to Independent Film Financing

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Finance & Funding 11th Apr 2017 Lights Film School

The strategies you need to successfully fund your film.

“Your voice – your view of the world, is a kind of brand.”

In our recent exploration of the meaning of “independent film”, we discovered that most indie projects are made for $20 million or less – a drop in the ocean for a Hollywood blockbuster, perhaps, but an intimidating chunk of change for those of us working outside of The Studio System and its subsidiaries!

“The Bronze Age” Of Independent Film Financing

Let’s paint a more nuanced picture of independent film budgets today.

Producer Tom Malloy, author of Bankroll: A New Approach to Financing Feature Films, recalls “talking to a friend at the AFM… and… [joking] that there are two profitable types of movies: ones with budgets of over $100 million, and ones with budgets under $1 million. The days of the mid-range $5-6 million films are gone.”

At SXSW 2012, Trouble Maker Studio’s Aaron Kaufman expressed a similar sentiment, concluding that mid-range movies are simply “too small to play wide”, but too big to profit from limited release. In fact, in its Film Business Plan and Investment Guide, Filmproposals.com cites a study that shows that “it takes over 20 pictures, randomly selected, to produce a profit… [from] movies costing over $4 million.” In other words, your $5 millio

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