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How to Be Present in the Casting Room

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Acting 19th Apr 2017 backstage

I just watched some dailies of a pilot we recently cast and was thunderstruck with an obvious but powerful realization: The cast’s work was so present, so alive, so engaged, that there was no denying each actor’s truth, each character’s reality. I was fully in their story.

It had nothing to do with the sets, costumes, blocking, or camera moves. It was all about their presence. Dropping into their experience, fully committed, taking ownership, deeply engaged with each other, and emotionally on fire.

This is the kind of work that you must bring into the casting room. This is you doing your work, not auditioning for a role. Not proving to us that you can do it but actually doing it. Not needing us to give you permission to sit or stand or engage with the reader. But taking command. Showing leadership. Something we advocate for at our Studio all the time.

You have to invest in what you want in the scene. There is urgency, the stakes are personal to you, and from a full emotional life, there is an active pursuit of something. And you just do it. You go for it. You don’t wait to be directed. You don’t wait for someone to give you a “choice” to play. You invest fully in the story and leap. Personally, specifically, intimately. Assuming relationships (even with a disengaged reader), wanting something that you feel in your bones, and immersing yourself in it fully.

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