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How to Set Up a Home Voiceover Studio

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Technical 21st Apr 2017 backstage

In today’s digital world, if you don’t have a home recording studio or the ability to record from home, you can kiss a career in voiceover goodbye. That said, this does not have to be an exorbitant undertaking.

The basic home studio requires the ability to digitally record and send auditions to a casting director, agent, or potential client. Assuming you already have a computer, setting up a beginner studio could cost as little as $400.

You’ll need a computer, USB microphone, and an editing program like Pro Tools, Audacity, or GarageBand (Mac only)—the latter two of which just so happen to be free programs. Any one of these sound recording programs will give you the opportunity to record, edit, convert, and deliver single-track sound files over the internet.

Both Shure and Audio-Technica make good low-end microphones that can be found online or at retailers like Guitar Center, which lets you try them out before purchasing. If you really want to invest in high-quality equipment for the long term, professional voiceover artists use microphones like the Neumann U87, Sennheiser Shotgun, or Rode NT1-A.

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