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Turn your cellphone into a light meter

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Technical 9th May 2017 RedShark News

With the smartphone becoming steadily more and more ubiquitous, it's even managing to worm it's way into areas of our life where it can replace bits of kit once deemed essential. The light meter is a case in point.

Let’s face it, with the advent of the smartphone, photographers and videographers have been able to rely on their mobile device for a lot of things that they would otherwise need a special piece of equipment for. From an external recorder to even the camera itself, mobile filmmaking is really changing the way we look at capturing that all important image. You can even use your mobile device as a light meter. And here’s how.

First off, there are dozens of light meter apps available with which, harnessing the power of your mobile device’s camera, you can measure the amount of light falling on your subject. Chief on this list is Pocket Light Meter, a free app that is your basic app for measuring light that can both fall on and reflect off your subject. But it also has a few other cool features, including spot metering and a hold function that allows you to lock-in the settings so that you can walk back to your camera to input them. Then you can release and measure again. Or, you can select the LOG function and it will save a screen grab of the image you took the measurement on, along with the settings for future reference. Not bad for a free app.

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