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Finance & Funding 12th May 2017 Cross Video Days

In a context when audiovisual digital industry is still experimenting with business models, and to offer maximum chances to the projects to be released, Cross Video Days Content Market strived to increase projects financing opportunities.

47% of the projects selected at the Cross Video Days have been produced and distributed in a 2-years time.

This call is open to any digital-oriented project currently on a fundraising stage and meeting the 4 following categories, whatever their genre (documentary, fiction, animation...)

  • Interactive content (Serious games, Webdoc, apps ...)
  • Web linear content (Webseries, web fictions ...)
  • Multiplatform universe (Crossmedia or transmedia...)
  • Game & Cinematic AR/VR/360° (AR/VR/MR/360° ...)


The selected project holders will take advantage of 30 minutes one-to-one meetings with a wide range of players including traditional broadcasters, Funds for interactive audiovisual content, Online broadcasters & VOD platforms, web publishers, Multi-Channel Networks, brands or VCs…

Financiers which attended latest editions: Tribeca, POV Digital, HTC Vive, Maker studios, Youtube, Sony Pictures, Red Bull Media House, Rightster, VICE, Channel 4, BBC, ZDF, BR, ARD, Arte, France Televisions, Canal+, RTBF, RTL, TF1, M6, RTS, ARD, YLE, DR, RTVE, RAI Educational.

Submission and participation at Cross Video Days is free of charge.

Applications are open till June 13th, 2017

For further information about Cross Video Days call for projects, please check the following link :


Read the full article at Cross Video Days

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