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South Africa: here’s how to get four free months on Google Play Music

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Media 1st Jun 2017 Memeburn

Google Play Music now offers a four-month free trial for those subscribing to its service.

The streaming music platform headed by the Mountain View company houses over 30-million tracks, and allows users to upload their own to the cloud, usually comes with a two- or three-month trial. But Google’s seemingly feeling a bit generous this week.

First spotted by Android Police last week, the deal is still ongoing at the time of writing.

And yes, it’s available to those within South Africa’s borders too.

Interestingly, it seems that the deal comes in tow with South Africa’s addition to Google Play promo codes supported list. It’s now the only African country on the list.

Once the trial ends, a subscription to Google Play Music will cost users R60 per month.

Here’s how to get it

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