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Fellowship for Africa's content creators and storytellers available from Amplify

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Opportunities 6th Jun 2017 Amplify

do you have the creative energy, the ideas, the compelling stories, the burning desire to contribute, to acquire and master the latest storytelling skills and tools?

well, then. welcome to Amplify...brought to you by aKoma

a paid six month program designed to find, nurture, and unleash world class content creators and storytellers who will reshape and revolutionize the African narrative

Amplify is a much needed boost to the variety and quality of content and stories created in and outside of the continent about Africa. each Fellow is empowered to see beyond their current creative horizons, and tap into bigger and broader possibilities

Amplify provides Fellows in the capital cities of Rwanda, Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana (added in 2017) a brew of online, face to face, and field instruction in written, visual, audio and photography content creation, delivered by a thoughtfully curated group of subject matter experts in those fields

thirty Fellows are selected annually across the four countries for the six month program, each receiving a considerable monthly stipend plus coverage of their high speed internet access, and other expenses as determined by the aKoma team

for the duration of the program, each Fellow is required to create and submit a content post on aKoma every week. at the end of each month, the country cohort will complete an assigned project as a team

each week, fellows meet virtually with a content SME who instructs them in topics related to content creation, storytelling, media careers, team collaboration, and project management. the aKoma team also provides additional instruction, and guest speakers

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