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A touching Afrikaans novel for teens makes the big screen

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Film & Television 29th Jun 2017 Gauteng Film Commission

Filmmakers are increasingly making popular young adult books into successful movies. ‘Nul is Nie Niks Nie’ (“Zero is not Nothing”) is a heart-warming and darkly amusing Afrikaans film about three friends – Martin ‘Hoender’ (Jaden van der Merwe), Drikus (Pieter Louw), and Chris (Daniah de Villiers) – who set out to make Drikus’ dying wish come true.

‘Nul is nie Niks Nie’ is based on the popular book ‘Oor 'n Motorfiets, 'n Zombiefliek en Lang Getalle Wat Deur Elf Gedeel Kan Word’, (About a Motorcycle, a Zombie Movie and Large Numbers Divisible by Eleven), by prolific South African children's book author Jaco Jacobs, who has published more than 100 books for children and young adults. The film was directed by Morne du Toit.

“It was a big responsibility to adapt the film because Jaco Jacobs is a well-known and much-loved author,” says Lizé Vosloo, who wrote the screenplay for the film and is also a producer with Stefan Enslin who produced the successful Strikdas: ‘n Familie Gedoente

“There are no rules or guidelines that tell you exactly what makes a novel a good contender for a film. Both set out to tell a story. The difference between the two is that a novel makes use of words to create the world the story is set in. With a film, you tell the story by making use of pictures; you show the story through actions.”

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Afrikaans film, Nul is nie Niks Nie


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