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6 Top Tips to Being a Successful Commercial Actor

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Acting 7th Jul 2017 backstage

David Banks, who has appeared in over 100 commercials, including for Reebok and Comcast, talks about his acting journey, how he overcame his audition nerves, and shares his most valuable insight into the casting process.

These days, a demo reel is just as important as a headshot when it comes to securing the next opportunity. Think about getting into a room with someone you have never been in with. A reel isn’t only used to seek out representation, but to show casting directors firsthand exactly what you have done and what you can do. I like to keep my reel short and sweet. I use the editor I have had for years, Ryan J. Thompson, who stores all my clips so we can make a new reel annually that’s fresh and current.

Starting out as an actor, I was terrified to audition. I’d always be fine in the car, but whenever I’d walk into the casting office and sign in, my legs would start shaking. So I started taking standup and improv classes to help break the nerves. I thought if I could just get up in front of a room full of people and make it out alive, there would be no reason why I couldn’t have fun in a casting room with just a fraction of the people, who were actually on my side and wanted me to get the job.

When a CD asked me to help her by reading with other actors for their audition, it helped me even more in the room; I saw what most people brought in with them and learned what to do—but most important, what not to do. Your audition starts the minute you walk in. Many actors take that desperate, over-the-top, neurotic approach or are there to make friends, or try to be liked, when all that is required is simply to do the work before, during, and especially after an audition. 

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