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Film Festivals & Awards 17th Jul 2017 Media Source Africa

The Zanzibar International Film Festival tonight hosted its official Awards Ceremony, presented by Zanlink. South Africa’s Noem My Skollie/ Call me Thief directed by Daryne Joshua took home the coveted Golden Dhow Award, presented by Showmax, along with a $3000 cash prize. The film also won the SIGNIS Award for Best African Film. South African short film The Hangman, directed by Zwelethu Radebe won the Sembene Ousmane Award and Best Short Film.


At this event, the various juries presented all of its awards, from the annual Silver and Golden Dhows to a host of new awards including the Trace Mziki East African Music Video Award and the Adiaha Award for Best Female African Documentary Filmmaker.


After eight days filled with film screenings, over 15 different workshop programmes, live music, and ZIFF’s first film and TV market SOKO FILAM, ZIFF 2017 was a major success, appreciated both by the hundreds of industry players in attendance, as well as audiences from across the globe.


Over 50 filmmakers in attendance from over 12 countries were joined by more than 100 SOKO FILAM delegates, as well as workshops facilitators and jury members from around the world. ZIFF’s Chief Guest, US-based producer Dexter Davis conducted a three-day workshop that culminated in a pitching competition for African filmmakers.


Davis announced a prize for the winning pitch of between $50 -200,000 to produce the feature film. The winner of the competition was Amy Lusekelo from Tanzania.


ZIFF also announced the dates and theme for the festival 2018, that will take place from July 7th – 15th with the theme Speak Up and Say It! Sema na Usikike.


There are times when silence speaks very loud but most of the time when we do not speak we lose more than sound. When we speak up it is because we feel that silence will not do. We speak up to stand for what we believe in and we speak up to stand for others. We often speak up because we can no longer stand silent when we see oppression taking place. But speaking up requires courage, consistence and taking position.


Through film we can speak up and let all those who see a movie or hear about it know that we can never be silenced.


So speak up and just say it!




Film School Award

The Final Border – David Wayne Smith (AFDA South Africa)



Best East African Talent Award: Kony: Order from Above, Steven Ayeni (Uganda) - $1000

Best African Film: Noem My Skollie/ Call me Thief, Daryne Joshua (South Africa)


Chairperson / Bi Kidude Award

White Potion: Ash Mswaki, (Tanzania/Turkey)


Adiaha Award for Best African Female Documentary Sponsored by O MESS (Nigeria) and Red Flag Content Relations (South Africa) ($2000)

The African Who Wanted to Fly: Samantha Biffot (Gabon/Belgium/France)


Emerson of Zanzibar Foundation Award

Kokota: Islet of Hope: Craig Norris


European African Film Festival Award (1000 Euros)

T-Junction: Amil Shivji (Tanzania)


Sembene Ousmane Awards ($2000 each)

The Hangman: Zwelethu Radebe (South Africa)

Maria: Kamau Wandungu (Kenya)

Gerretta: Mantegaftot Silehshi


Trace Mziki East African Music Video Award – Winner to receive video produced by Wanene Productions.

Eddy Kenzo – Jubilation (Uganda)


Bongo Movie Awards presented by Comnet

Best Actress: Hawa Ally in T-Junction

Best Actor: Ibrahim Osward in Hadithi za Kumekucha: Tuna

Best Editor: Freddy Feruzi: Genge

Best Cinematographer: Freddy Feruzi: Genge

Best Screenplay/Writer: Kiumeni, Ernest Napoleon and Daniel Manege

Best Film in Sound: Homecoming; Seko Shamte

Best Director: Nicholas Marwa; Kiumeni

Best Feature Film: T-Junction; Amil Shivji



Best Short Film: The Hangman, Zwelethu Radebe (South Africa)

Best Animation: TIS, Said Hamich (France)

Best Documentary: Mama Colonelle, Dieude Hamadi (DRC)

Best Feature from Dhow Countries: Half Ticket, Samit Kakkad (India)

Best Short from Dhow Countries: Azaad, Rahul V. Chitella (India)

Best International Film: Wallay, Berni Goldbat (Burkino Faso / Qatar)

Best African Film: Watu Wote / All of Us, Katja Benrath (Kenya)


Golden Dhow for Best Feature Film presented by Showmax ($3000)

Noem My Skollie/ Call me Thief, Daryne Joshua (South Africa)


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