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GFC supports major local movie, Zulu Wedding

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Film & Television 19th Jul 2017 Gauteng Film Commission

This year’s big romantic movie hit is likely to be Zulu Wedding, first supported by the Gauteng Film Commission as a short film in 2012, and now developed into a full feature with an international cast.

The film’s director and producer is Lineo Sekeleoane, CEO of the black, female-owned production company Luju Inc, based in Roodepoort, Gauteng. Once again, GFC is among the major sponsors, which include dti and the KwaZulu Natal Film Commission. Most of the movie has been shot on locations in and around Johannesburg.

The movie, written by Sekeleoane and Julie Hall, plays on the theme of a young black woman’s struggle to make up her mind between two men, one a handsome American, and one a traditional Zulu chief, culminating in a dramatic show-down at a Zulu wedding. But it’s also about her attempts to run away from her past, her family and her culture, and finally returning to them.

A beautiful and rather stubborn choreographer named Lungile, played by Nondumiso Tembe, has moved to New York, leaving behind ties to her family – her parents both died when she was a child. There she falls in love with black advertising executive Tex Wilson, played by American actor Darrin Henson, who also played in Stomp the Yard and Chocolate City.

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