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Take a First Look at RED Hydrogen One

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Technical 4th Aug 2017 No Film School

RED’s new Hydrogen smartphone is now more than just an announcement. But where’s the footage?

Although we're quick to take jabs at RED for its active hype machine, admittedly we fall for the company’s ubiquitous PR tactics, too. Just today, we covered the RED RAVEN’s availability in Apple stores, and last month, we bit when the company teased and then announced its forthcoming Hydrogen One, a full holographic smartphone that allows you to view 2D and 3D VR and AR.

Today, the first public look at the Hydrogen has been released as a video by YouTuber Marques Brownlee (who goes by “MKBHD”), who got his lucky hands on a prototype. True to form, the video doesn’t give us what we really want—footage shot by the reportedly “revolutionary” phone camera—but it does give a good sense of the phone body’s exterior and materials.

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