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Homegrown video wins hearts of South Africans everywhere

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Film & Television 26th Sep 2017 Media Source Africa

A TRULY South African story of deep and lasting friendship – that cuts across time, space and difference – has been watched by over half a million South Africans since its release this month, and has inspired an outpouring of hope-filled comments.

The video, released by NPO Mohair South Africa and titled “Weaving stories for a lifetime”, tells the story of two small boys who grow up together on a Karoo farm in the 1980s. They go their separate ways – one taking over his father’s farm and the other blazing a trail in a completely different direction – but ultimately find one another again (watch it to see how!).
Released on Mohair SA’s Facebook page on September 8, the video has already notched up 504 000 views, 4 400 likes, 3 400 shares and more than 400 comments.

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