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Finance & Funding 12th Oct 2017 48 Hour Film Project

48FILM is your key to succeed in Hollywood!

The 48FILM Project is an online International Short Film competition. The competition opens in January and closes November 30th of each year. It's open to everyone over 18 years old: beginner to professional, from all nations.

We have participants from more than 130 cities and countries of the world.


First you register your team here:


Once you register, you’ll need to organize your team in order to participate in the competition. Whenever you and your team are ready, any weekday or weekend, morning or night during the year, from any place in earth, any city or any country, all you need is your Internet connection and your team.

Go to your registered profile, click the button, “Start my competition”. Select a genre of your choice - no surprises - and our system gives you 3 required elements at random: A character, a line and a prop you must include in your movie. Your 48-hour countdown will start and you have 48 hours plus 2 hours extra to upload your movie. Your short film needs to be 4-7 minutes long, in English, or with English subtitles.

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