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Mahala.tv Launches at DISCOP with Pitching & Pilot Marathon

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Film Festivals & Awards 20th Oct 2017 Media Source Africa

DISCOP Johannesburg is Africa’s largest content market with over 1,300 registered delegates from over 34 African countries as well as from across the globe. It is therefore the ideal platform for new player, Mahala.tv to launch its technology that will enable content producers to monetize and distribute their content easily, efficiently, seamlessly and borderlessly.


Mahala.tv is a game-changer for thousands of independent content producers, as well as the many new VOD platforms appearing on the continent. The platform is an entire eco-system designed for content producers as well as aggregators and distributers to easily distribute and monetize their existing platforms, be they websites, blogs, or even social media pages.


Unlike existing models such as YouTube and others, Mahala.tv enables content producers to share their content via any digital platform and to self monetize content through a variety of subscription and advertising models.


The fully-integrated back distribution and advertising functions are underpinned by a global, secure and ubiquitous digital exchange that enables real-time royalty payments to producers for content downloads, streams, related purchases and even micro-payments from anywhere in the world using the latest block chain technology.


Push-driven content partnerships in a variety of physical screen locations, as well as via mobile, will also address the fundamental challenge on the “demand” side of the digital distribution equation.


The platform creates opportunities for content producers and aggregators to advertise within videos, to set up subscription or pay-per-view models, and provides the most advanced and effective way to secure product placement. Viewers can instantly buy any product seen in a video with a simple process supported by the global free and secure digital exchange.


With all this functionality, content producers can instantly create their own Facebook shops and ad e-commerce elements to their websites. All content views and downloads, along with payments, can be tracked in real time.


To celebrate its beta-launch at DISCOP Johannesburg, Mahala.tv will be hosting the Pitching and Pilot Marathon within the Mahala.tv theatre.


Various producers whose content and pitches have been pre-selected will have various opportunities to showcase their work. A three-day Pitching Marathon will see 60 producers presenting short so-called “elevator” pitches to a panel of expert judges that includes Jacqui Setai - Siyaya TV, Head of Mojalove channel, Theresa Hill - Documentary producer at STEPS, Pat van Heerden - VIA Chanel 147 on Dstv, Head of Content., Andre Odendaal - Film Director, Jack Devnarain - Actor, Isidingo, Endemol Shine, and Uwe Beckmann, President of SASC.


Additionally, two hours per day have been set aside in the Theatre for the screening of pre-selected pilots from across Africa. Producers will have the opportunity to meet with buyers who will be invited to attend these viewing sessions.


For more information: www.discop.com 


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